Weekend Getaways for Groups in the UK

Suffolk may not be your first thought when someone suggests weekend getaways for groups in the UK. But with a long coastline, beautiful scenery, and plenty of activities, there aren’t many better places to spend a long weekend with friends or family.

Here are some suggestions for activities in Suffolk to fill your weekend getaway, with a special emphasis on nature retreats so you can switch off your phones and reconnect with the world around you!


History and Culture Activities

Suffolk has a lot of history dating all the way back to the Bronze Age. Some of its biggest draws are Sutton Hoo, one of England’s most iconic historical finds. There are also Roman ruins and manor houses to visit. Some of the highlights include Kentwell Hall, Helmingham Hall, and Framlingham Castle. Although you might not be able to pack them all into a weekend getaway, it’s worth visiting one or two.

And if you fancy something cultural that still keeps you in nature, why not check out some of the vineyard tours in Suffolk? Sure, East Anglia might not scream wine-growing country, but you’d be surprised at some of the amazing wines produced in the area. Plus, going on a wine-tasting tour is a good excuse for trying types you might not otherwise pick.

Finally, if you fancy blending wellness and culture, there are some great spas and health centres in the area where you’ll get high-end massages, access to fitness centres, and much more.

Nature Activities

Of course, few things beat being active in nature. While there are some great spas in Suffolk, why not try swimming in the North Sea instead? Cold water swimming might not be for everyone, but it’s certainly a great way of getting the blood pumping!

Suffolk has several Blue Flag beaches, which, as you may know, is a globally-recognised award for water cleanliness and beach accessibility.

Weekend Getaways For Groups In Suffolk, Colourful Southwold Beach Huts At Sunset Looking Out To Sea

Southwold is a top choice for this. Not only does it have Blue Flag status, but it’s also a great seaside town where you can do everything you’d expect: arcades, promenades, and, of course, ice cream! Plus, you can rent a beach hut on the sand for around £50 a day to really complete the experience.

If you don’t fancy swimming but want to be out on the water, there are still plenty of options for your weekend getaway as a group. You’ll find opportunities for kayaking and canoeing, paddle boarding, and sailing. No matter how you want to enjoy the water during your weekend getaway in Suffolk, you’ll find plenty of amazing group-based activities.

But Suffolk doesn’t put all its eggs in one basket. If dry land is more your thing, there’s plenty to do too. Basing weekend getaways for groups around nature-related activities is pretty easy in Suffolk because plenty of them are free and easily accessible.

Trying to narrow them down is arguably a more difficult experience, simply because there’s so much choice. Let’s start at the coast and work our way inland, as that’s one of the best ways to enjoy Suffolk.

Enjoying the Coast

Dunwich Heath (and beach) is a pretty great place to start. It’s home to a wide range of rare plants and wildlife. Plus, if you go at the right time of year, it comes alive with a sea of colour thanks to all the heathers that grow there. Just make sure you pack your hiking shoes and binoculars because you can easily spend a whole day exploring the heath.

Another great pick (if you’re into birds, at least) is RSPB Minsmere. You might recognise the name from Springwatch, as it’s where the show was filmed between 2014 and 2016. There are loads of great walking paths around the area that can easily keep your group occupied for hours. Depending on the time of year you visit, you’ll have a completely different experience. From birdsong and dragonflies to deer and migrating ducks, there’s always something to see.

Heading Inland

There are almost too many great places to pick in Suffolk, so we’ll focus on one of the best weekend getaways for groups: Dunwich Forest. Located in Suffolk’s Area of Outstanding National Beauty, there’s a certain prehistoric feeling to the area that’s been largely untouched by humans (aside from the odd footpath). You won’t find many better places to reconnect with nature and experience Suffolk’s biodiversity.

Where to Stay on a Weekend Getaway with Groups in Suffolk

Willow Lodge And Lavender Lodge On A Beautiful Summers Day

So, you’re interested in weekend getaways for groups in Suffolk with a focus on nature retreats and disconnecting from technology. Well, where would be better to stay than Toad Hall Lodges in Southwold?

You might recognise the name Southwold from earlier in this article. Staying at Toad Hall Lodges puts you within walking distance of Southwold Beach, with its wide stretches of sand and objectively clean water. But the lodges are also perfectly situated for access to Dunwich Forest, RSPB Minsmere, and much more.

But if you fancy a relaxing weekend getaway, Toad Hall Lodges has you covered for everything you might need. The timber lodges have fire pits and decking (great for summer evenings) and there’s a communal exercise gym and yoga room, complete with a Peloton bike.

Each of the 5 lodges comes with comfy, memory foam mattresses and its own private bathrooms. They’re the perfect way to experience nature without messing around with tents, guide ropes, and camping beds! After all, why should you give up the modern comforts of home just to reconnect with nature?


Experiencing Suffolk from Toad Hall Lodges

As you can see, Suffolk has plenty to offer for weekend getaways for groups with a focus on nature. Disconnecting from modern life has never been more important, whether this involves swimming in the sea, walking in the forest, or simply chilling out around a fire pit in the evening.

Come and experience everything Suffolk has to offer for weekend getaways for groups by staying at Toad Hall Lodges. Check out availability and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.



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